Green Products

Our company is committed to servicing and assisting our customers in green building construction and sustainable development. We are a proud member of the US Green Building Council. We require our sales and technical staff be knowledgeable in USGBC’s green building rating system, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and encourage and support LEED accreditation of our staff. Our sales and technical staff can easily interact with customers on LEED projects and assist with selection of LEED qualifying products, calculations on recycled content of materials, and documentation for LEED construction credits.

We offer the following LEED qualifying products:

Econo Fill

bsgflyash225x175LEED Credits MR-C4.1 AND MR-C4.2 Recycled Content.

An intelligent alternative to conventional backfill materials, Econo Fill is a mixture of conditioned fly ash, Portland cement and water. The material is a flowable, self compacting, self-leveling material that is superior to conventional fill materials. It is best used on sites that require low strength fill, such as non-structural below ground infill over pipes and conduits, in irregular spaces, and in restricted access areas where granular fill or compacted soil is difficult or impossible to use. In terms of LEED credits, this product contains 100% post industrial recycled content. Econofill is subject to availability of high carbon ash from the power plants.

Ready Mix Concrete with Recycled Fly Ash and Slag

bsgslagcement225x175LEED Credits MR-C4.1 AND MR-C4.2 Recycled Content.

Our ready mix companies can produce mix designs replacing a portion of the Portland cement with recycled cementitious products – fly ash, a by product of coal burning in power plants and slag, a by-product of iron and steel production. Use of these materials does not adversely affect end properties of the concrete, enhances some properties such as pumpability and produces an environmentally acceptable alternative to disposing of these materials in landfills.

Pervious Concrete

bsgperviousconcrete145x220LEED Credits SS-C6.1 Stormwater Design Quantity Control, SS-C7.1 Heat Island Effect – Non-Roof and MR-C4.1 AND MR-C4.2 Recycled Content.

Pervious concrete is a material used in eco-friendly pavement for sustainable site development: Pervious Pavement Benefits. Pervious pavement prevents flooding that can occur from storm water running off paved surfaces. Pervious concrete typically contains 15-25% void structure allowing 3-8 gallons per minute of storm water to pass through the pavement rather than run off the surface. The porous nature of this material also contributes to mitigation of heat island affect from paved surfaces. This product contributes to LEED credits for sustainable sites and is available through our ready mix companies. This product may also be produced with recycled materials such as fly ash or slag for additional LEED credits for recycled content.

White Concrete

bsgportlandcement225x175LEED Credit SSC7.1 Landscape and Exterior Design to Reduce Heat Island Effect.

Light colored concrete is effective in reducing the “heat island effect” from buildings and surfaces by increasing the amount of sun energy reflected from these surfaces rather than absorbing and the radiating the energy back into the environment as heat. Ready mix concrete takes on the color of the raw materials in the mix design. White Portland cement is readily available and produces the same end properties as gray Portland cement. We have the quality control techniques to produce light and white ready mix concrete for architectural designs and/or LEED requirements for sustainable site development.

Sand Products

bsgsanddelivery225x175LEED Credit MR-C5.1 and MR-C5.2 Regional Materials.

Boston Sand & Gravel offers a variety of sand products from our production facility in Ossipee, NH. These products are transported by train to our Boston yard and are available to the metro Boston construction and landscaping markets. These products qualify for “local material” credits in the LEED rating system.